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Feira Observanatura 2018 in Setúbal

The 10th edition of the ObservaNatura Fair was held on 28, 29 and 30 of  September in Setúbal. This event was taken place on the Herdade da Mourisca where we can find a mill with History. It is one of four mills known in Sado Estuary. Now is part of the state co-managemet between ICNF, Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry and the Municipality of Setúbal.

It was dedicated to the theme of Nature Tourism, with emphasis on ornithological tourism, a modality with particular emphasis on observation using binoculars or telescopes. The Natural.PT brand was highlighted as a structured bet in the creation of a network of tourism destinations of a nature that values ​​and differentiates the Protected Areas of the continent.

The fair provided to visitors the possibility of contacting different entities that operate in the area of ​​nature tourism. Followbirds was part of the event with an stand in the exhibitor area with other companies in the area of nature tourism, optical material, handicrafts, identity products from protected areas, environmental associations and public entities, center of the fairground stands of 32 entities.

During this event the visitors had the opportunity to discover the Parque Natural da Arrábida, Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado, the Casa da Baía and in Troia with several activities and workshops.

One of the workshops was Bird ringing or bird banding early in the morning. We assisted the workshop to see how they attach the rings - a small, individually numbered metal or plastic tag to the leg or wing to the birds that were caught on the previously prepared net. This helps in keeping track of the movements of the bird and its life history. We had a change to tagged some species like Hoopoe, House Sparrow, Short-toed Treecreeper, Robin, Goldfinch, Blackcap or Willow warbler.

We also published our first official checklist (Feira Observanatura, 29.9.2018) of observed birds during the festival in Followbirds app. We would like to thank Adolfo García from Swarovski Optik and Naturaleza del Sur who helped us to create the complete list. Among the 38 bird species we observed 9 Cormorats, 19 Little Egrets, 22 Gray Herons, 122 Flamingos, 1 Osprey, 1 Black-winget Stilts, 150 Common Ringed Plovers, 38 Dunlins.