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Followbirds will be in Sagres Festival

festival birdwatching sagres 2018

This year Followbirds will be part of the the most important Birdwatching Festival in Portugal, occurring from 4th to 7th of October 2018 in Sagres, Algarve.

You will find our information stand next to the registration point in the Fort of Sagres. We’ll be there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 17:30 and on Sunday at 10:30, with WiFi to help you to install our application, resolve any doubts and guide you step by step how to use our platform.

We will participate on several field trips together with Thijs Valkenburg from RIAS/Aldeia and Guillaume Réthoré from A Rocha Life. During the activities we’ll do a parallel presentation of the Followbirds app, a mobile platform (currently accessible for Android) designed as a field guide for birdwatching in the Algarve.

Field trip for the observation of migratory birds on the peninsula of Sagres

Responsible entity: RIAS/Aldeia

Small walking and car routes for observation of migratory birds on the peninsula of Sagres.
Departure from “Forte do Beliche” towards Vale Santo with some possible stops for birdwatching. Walking trail at Vale Santo.  To finish up, we’ll observe some migratory raptors and passerines near Cabranosa and surrounding forest areas.
Thijs Valkenburg


04 October 9h00
06 October 9h00

The birds of Sagres–Around Cabranosa

Responsible entity: A Rocha Life

Description:Field trip to Vale Santo and Cabranosa for birdwatching focusing on steppe birds and migrating raptors.

In this activity there will be a parallel presentation of Followbirds project, a mobile platform (currently accessible for Android) designed as a field guide for bird watching activities in the Algarve.\

Guillaume Réthoré

04 October 10h30
05 October 14h00
06 October 10h30

We want to thanks Thijs and Guillaume for helping us to show our project in their field guided activities.


Sagres Birdwatching Festival 2018

“Go dolphin watching in the morning, spend the afternoon searching for dragonflies, birds and amphibians, take the little ones on a fossil hunt or have them be biologists for a day! ! Watch the sun set over the sea, then take in the sounds of nocturnal migration.

All this and more, waiting for you in Sagres no Birdwatching Festival & Nature Activities .”