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Followbirds is part of network

The Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests is a public institute integrated in the indirect administration of the State, endowed with administrative, financial and own assets.

Their mission is to propose, monitor and ensure the implementation of nature conservation and forest policies, aiming at the conservation, sustainable use, valorisation, enjoyment and public recognition of the natural heritage, promoting the sustainable development of forestry and associated resources, to promote the competitiveness of forest ranks, to ensure structural prevention within the framework of concerted planning and action in the field of forest protection and hunting and aquaculture resources of inland waters and other directly associated with forestry and forestry activities.

Under their scope it was created brand, a network of tourist destinations, based on products and services associated with the National Network of Protected Areas (RNAP).

By being part of this network, we aim to promote the protected Portugues natural heritage, services and products that respect the nature conservation and it’s environment. The protected areas and trails can be found in the Followbirds app, together with other suggested tracks in the map.

Feel free to enjoy the beauty of these natural protected landscapes.