The Followbirds story

Hi there!


We would like to take a chance to shortly introduce ourselves and share the Followbirds story.

The Followbirds team is a multicultural team.  We are Barbara Pintar and Jordi Sabat, a Slovenian and Catalan living in the Algarve since 2013. Our professions are touching the areas of Fine Arts, Communication Design, and Computer Science. It’s a perfect combination for having our hands always “messy”. Our passion is practicing the nature-related outdoor activities. Since we began to explore the beautiful landscapes of Algarve we came across a new outdoor activity, called birdwatching.

During academic years of Master of Communication Design for Tourism and Culture at University of Algarve we became closer with the term of birdwatching and saw the growing tendency of this touristic field. There started growing the idea of creating a new communication design tool for nature touristic field. The final academic vision of our product was captured in the thesis named Birdadvisor 360˚ – a digital support for birdwatching tourism in Algarve.

By the time still known as Birdadvisor 360˚, the project was presented at several congresses, events and contests.
We participated at 9º Prémio Nacional Indústrias Criativas in Porto in 2017, where we’ve been selected among the top 10 finalists out of 267 projects.

Our next competition of ideas for creating innovative companies was Ideias em Caixa 2016, where we’ve been selected among the 15 winners. Alongside the prize and support of CRIA (Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer of the University of Algarve), help us to develop our project further. Soon after we decided to upgrade and refresh our image and brand name, and in the end of 2017 we created the Followbirds.


Our objectives

Without a doubt, the Algarve is one of the best regions in Portugal for birdwatching and for nature tourism. Considering this, we’ve developed the sleek and multifaceted Followbirds app with our eyes set on the preservation of the Algarve’s beautiful natural landscapes.

The app diversifies the nature-touristic offer in Algarve and enhance the user experience on the field. Followbirds is a birdwatching field guide that includes high-quality bird information and bird photos, distinct walking routes, and a 360˚ view of specific suggested areas for nature enthusiasts to explore.

It is the perfect digital companion to discover the Algarve´s outdoors and the varied bird life that inhabits this sunny expanse.



We hope you will enjoy it and thank you for being part of the Followbirds story!

Barbara and Jordi
Followbirds team