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Each month more than 1000 birdwatchers around the Europe use our platform to find the local guides and new birdwatching experiences! Alongside the beautiful birds of Portugal, the nature lovers can find birding-friendly accommodations, where they can enjoy the natural views and local food! In a fast-moving world, we face a change of eyes on opportunities. We bet on an App model that can connect guests to the accommodation and its surroundings. These mobile applications allow users to explore the region's points of interest, discover activities and events, and navigate cycling and/or pedestrian routes associated with the accommodation unit that owns this technology. Know its features:

How does it work

It’s Very Easy.

1. Register your company in our platform.

2. Add and manage your birdwatching services and activities.

2. We take care of the configuration and publish it in our web.

4. We connect our suggested routes with your activities and services.

5. Increase your visibility and receive more customers!


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