Saberes da Ria Formosa

Saberes da Ria Formosa

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On the 10th of May 2018 the Municipality of Faro promoted an initiative of formative meeting about the potential of the Ria Formosa, at the Centro Náutico da Praia de Faro. The main objective was providing local sports agents with a set of information about the environment where they carry out their daily activities.

During the morning presentations, Luís Candeias (Câmara Municipal de Faro) talked about past and present of Centro Náutico, and Jorge Manhita (Câmara Municipal de Faro) presented rich history of Faro - the city by the sea. After discovering the antique treasures of Faro's history Bruno Claro, Miguel Correia and Cláudia Soares (World Wildlife Fund/ Associação Natureza Portugal/ Sciaena/ Fundação Oceano Azul – Oceanário de Lisboa/ CCMAR) illustrated us some very concerning facts about the sea horses of Ria Formosa. 5 years ago they were still representing the world's biggest populations in Ria Formosa, which is now drastically decreasing - 90% in only few years!

Zé (Zé da Praia), a very famous fisherman at Praia de Faro was also exchanging his life experiences and knowledge about Ria Formosa. An interesting debate opened afterwords by sharing opinions of this vulnerable ecosystem, the observed impacts throughout the time and how we can help to prevent them.

After lunch we continue to explore other interesting aspects of flora and fauna of Ria Formosa with Ana Paula Martins (ICNF/ PNRF) that give a very holistic view of the species that can be found here, including the birds. We introduced our project, the platform with its aims and goals, and how new technologies can help to guide tourism and spread the awareness of the right behaviour to respect the nature and its value. The last presentation of Óscar Ferreira (CIMA/ UALG) was talking about the morphology and hydrodynamics of Ria Formosa, where we learned very interesting facts of Ria, the dynamic movement of barries islands is always adapting its shapes to the natural or human impacts.

We would like to thank to André Ferin and Paulo Dias (Centro Náutico) for the given opportunity to take part in this initiative. We hope there will be more such useful and educational events like this one! 🙂