FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to advertise the services of my company in Followbirds platform (web/app)?
The price for being your services published in Followbirds has not an annual cost. Followbirds only will get a commission for a positive sell.

What does beeing in the platform include?
It includes visibility, maintenance and updating of your published pages. You will have support to change any announced data. You will have a administration portal to manage your products, availabilities and prices.

How will clients contact me to process reservations?
In your products, the users will have the simple option of filling out a form and book a reservation. In this first phase, any reservation in the portal will become an email with all the reservation data and client information sent to your company.

Where do customers pay?
In this first phase, Followbirds do not process payments. Customers pay directly to the company in the means that your company has for it.

Can I have more visibility in the portal?
Yes. You can contact us to highlight your products or promotions in several ways.

* Featured ads
* Starred activities
* Sponsor the newsletter
* Have a banner on one of the main pages
* An article on the sponsored blog
* Make a sweepstakes on our social networks

How can I get a Followbirds recommendation stamp?
If you are registered with Followbirds as a company you can request your stamp of recommendation to put it on your website. Gain prestige in front of your visitors confirming your company as ideal to enjoy as a birdwatcher.

How do I put a promotion on Followbirds?
You can contact us on the following page and we will get to work -> Followbirds Companies